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Command line usage

git-sumi [OPTIONS] [--] [COMMIT_MESSAGE]


-q, --quiet
Suppresses progress messages [env: GIT_SUMI_QUIET=]
-s, --split-lines
Processes each non-empty line as an individual commit [env: GIT_SUMI_SPLIT_LINES=]
-d, --display
Displays parsed commit message [env: GIT_SUMI_DISPLAY=]
-c, --commit
Commit the message after successful linting
Force the commit even if linting fails
-h, --help
Print help
-V, --version
Print version


    --init [<OPTION>]
Initialize the default configuration ('config'), commit-msg hook ('commit-msg'), prepare-commit-msg hook ('prepare-commit-msg') or both hooks ('hooks')
--generate-shell-completion <SHELL>
Generate shell completion script for the specified shell [possible values: bash, elvish, fish, powershell, zsh]
--config <CONFIG>
Path to a TOML configuration file [env: GIT_SUMI_CONFIG=]
-f, --format <FORMAT>
Sets display format: cli, json, table, toml [env: GIT_SUMI_FORMAT=]


Read the rules documentation for more information.

-C, --conventional
Follow Conventional Commits format [env: GIT_SUMI_CONVENTIONAL=]
-I, --imperative
Use the imperative mood in the description ('fix', not 'fixed') [env: GIT_SUMI_IMPERATIVE=]
-G, --gitmoji
Include one valid Gitmoji [env: GIT_SUMI_GITMOJI=]
-W, --whitespace
No leading, trailing, or consecutive spaces [env: GIT_SUMI_WHITESPACE=]
-E, --description-case <CASE>
Description must start with the specified case: any, lower, upper [env: GIT_SUMI_DESCRIPTION_CASE=]
-P, --no-period
Do not end commit header with a period [env: GIT_SUMI_NO_PERIOD=]
-H, --max-header-length <MAX_HEADER_LENGTH>
Header length limit [env: GIT_SUMI_MAX_HEADER_LENGTH=]
-B, --max-body-length <MAX_BODY_LENGTH>
Body line length limit [env: GIT_SUMI_MAX_BODY_LENGTH=]
-S, --scopes-allowed <SCOPES>
List of allowed commit scopes [env: GIT_SUMI_SCOPES_ALLOWED=]
-T, --types-allowed <TYPES>
List of allowed commit types [env: GIT_SUMI_TYPES_ALLOWED=]
-R, --header-pattern <PATTERN>
Header must match regex pattern [env: GIT_SUMI_HEADER_PATTERN=]

Overriding configuration options

You can override any configuration option with a command line option or environment variable.

For example, if split_lines is set to false in your sumi.toml file, you can use git sumi --split-lines or GIT_SUMI_SPLIT_LINES=true git sumi to enable the option.